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Cost of utilities in Hawaii..


When we first moved here we were renting a ohana and the utilities where included. We recently just moved into a small 2 bedroom house where they are not. Our first electric bill was a shocker considering we don’t have AC and the water heater is electric and solar.

Our bill was $300. Ouch… On the Big Island we pay .43¢ a Kwh. I looked at the national average it is .12¢ a Kwh. Hawaii has the most expensive electric in the nation. Basically, we are paying 4 times the national average for electricity. The reason for this is because Hawaii energy is created from petroleum that has be shipped in. Which I think is kind of sad considering some of the natural resources here: wind, solar, tidal and geothermal. I do know Hawaii is trying to become more green – I just wish that had start that before gas prices went through the roof.

I have taken $100 off our bill this last month. We bought a energy monitor that attaches to our electric meter and lets us know in real time our usage and it has turned out to be quite accurate. We now just use the solar to heat our water and so far it’s been fine. I also stopped using the oven and bought a large toaster oven and that has saved us because it seems to use half the power of the oven. I also have been really aware about how much laundry I do now – I make sure we have full full loads.

I do see that people on the island have propane stoves but you don’t see gas stoves or gas dryers. I am assuming this is because Hawaii does not have natural gases that can be tapped into. It does look like you can get propane – but I am not sure how difficult or expensive that is.

I can’t be much help on how much water is here. Our landlord pays the water bill but I have been told that water is also expensive here.

I now realize how much of a deal we really were getting when our utilities where included in the rent.

UPDATE: We just rented a new house and when I went to turn the electric on – since it is our first time doing this in Hawaii – they require a $400 deposit that they keep for a year and will give you 6% interest on. Just something to consider when you are moving here for the first time and you have to put the electric in your name.

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“Cost of utilities in Hawaii..”

  1. Avatar November 16th, 2011 at 11:31 am Elle Says:

    Oh, I’m so getting one of those energy monitors you mentioned, great idea-where did u buy it from?

    We will be there soon! December 4th! The count down starts NOW!

  2. Avatar November 16th, 2011 at 12:21 pm admin Says:

    Hi Elle.

    The energy monitor we use is by Black and Decker. Here is link to it:
    So far it has been really accurate and helpful.

    We are moving at the end of the month into new house and found out that when you turn on your electricity here for the first time – the electric company requires a $400 deposit which they keep for a year and will return to you with 6%. I wasn’t expecting such a huge deposit. Something to keep in mind if your electric is not included in your rent here.

    Congratulations on your move. It’s a great place to live!

  3. Avatar January 2nd, 2012 at 6:47 pm DR Says:

    6% interests? Wow, can I give HELCO more then 400 :-) ?

  4. Avatar January 3rd, 2012 at 5:01 pm admin Says:

    I know huh!!! :-)

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